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Scar reduction treatments for flawless skin

Our skin is an extremely important organ. Think of it as a piece of extremely valuable cloth. Now, if there is a tear in the cloth, how would it appear? No matter how carefully you try to repair it, it would still spoil the look of the cloth.

Similarly, cuts, burns, acne, injuries or any sort of trauma to the skin would leave a mark. This is called a scar. Scars aren’t a problem as long as they are easily concealable or non-noticeable. However, if they are noticeable, it might be embarrassing, or you might want to help conceal it or reduce its appearance to feel happy or confident in the way you look.

As the skin tries to repair itself, many types of scars form depending on how it heals. Scar reduction process primarily is dependent on what type of scars we are trying to remove.

There are many ointments, creams and oils that will help reduce the scars that are still fresh and are usually the result of cuts and burns. Pressure treatment or silicone gel sheeting also helps to treat scars.

Steroid injections can also help treat scars that stick out, such as keloids or hypertrophic scars.

Skin grafts, excision, dermabrasion, or laser surgery help in reducing deeper and more sever scars. In a skin graft, the surgeon uses skin from another area of your body. This is often used with people who've had burns.

Dermabrasion is the process of using fine sand and crystals with a special instrument to remove your old skin and regenerate new skin. This procedure is most effective to reduce the scarring caused by acne, and marks caused by diseases such as chicken pox. This is not effective to remove scars caused by burning, birthmarks or moles.

Laser treatment for scars uses focused light therapy to either remove the outer layer of the skin’s surface or stimulate the production of new skin cells to cover damaged skin cells. This reduces the appearance of scars and also warts, wrinkles, sun spots, and keloids.

There is no downtime required for the laser procedure and is painless. Many studies show that it is the best option to reduce the appearance of a scar.

Walk into Layers Clinics today and enquire about or FDA approved laser techniques to effectively reduce the appearance of your scars and give you the much-needed confidence in your appearance. Our experts will guide you on the best processes to follow to get flawless and a scar-free appearance.

Skin Clinic Treatment FAQ

Aging is lack of Collagen production from within the skin cells resulting to loss of elasticity, firmness and glow.ageing is an extrinsic factor and can be controlled. Factors like sun's harmful rays, pollution, harsh weather, and stress damage our skin leading to signs of ageing.
Skin tightening is a procedure to remove excess or drooping skin, The most significant effect of skin loosening and sagging becomes apparent on the facial skin .
Wrinkles are a natural part of the aging process. causes wrinkles Aging can't be stopped,Advanced and effective treatment that delivers a holistic and best Skin caresolution
Stretch marks are a common problem faced by both men and women.Microdermabrasion is a painless procedure to reduce the appearance of white stretch marks.
Laser Hair Removal technique helps in removing unwanted hair easily and the process is absolutely painless.This method is much better than waxing, shaving, plucking.Laser hair removal is a widely used technique to achieve effective hair reduction.
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