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Hair fall and Hair Regrowth Techniques

Hair is an integral part of our personality. The way our hair looks plays a major role in how our overall look is. Naturally, when we realize that our hair is thinning, we feel sad and worried. It can alter our lifestyle dramatically and make us feel depressed.

Hair loss can be caused because of a number of reasons such as hormonal imbalance, lack of nutrition, stress, illness, bad genes, medical conditions.

Since we cannot measure hair loss and it occurs over a long period of time, when you notice sudden thinning, we need to address it. Hair regrowth treatment is fast, effective, easy, and affordable.

Over the counter medication such as Minoxidil, Finasteride, and hair loss supplements help in reducing hair loss and promoting hair growth. You can also make lifestyle changes such as reducing smoking and drinking, following a healthy diet, taking vitamins, and reducing stress will also help reduce hair loss, and promote hair growth.

However, these topical treatments are applicable only when thinning of the hair is in the early stages and is not that severe.

Genetic conditions that result in hair loss eventually progress despite taking these precautions. Hence one of the best options for hair regrowth or to curb hair fall is laser therapy.

Advanced Laser Therapy is one of the latest and most effective frontier in staving off the initial stages of hair loss. In a university clinical trial, 86% of people treated with Advanced Laser Therapy experienced hair regrowth within 4 months.

This treatment slows down hair loss, thickens and strengthens hair, stimulates hair growth in areas where hair follicles are deep rooted, and improves the current condition of your hair.

Advanced Laser Therapy is a combination of the latest laser beam technology and a proven scalp and follicle treatment program and is the recommended for people experiencing hair thinning and those in the initial stage of hair loss.

At Layers Clinics, our cosmetic dermatologists will first examine your hair and scalp, look at your medical history to determine the best possible treatment to recommend. They might also suggest blood tests or to get a light microscopy to further analyze the problem. We will then provide a customized approach to treat your condition so that you get the best possible results.

Hair Treatment FAQ

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