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Scalp Micro Pigmentation To Restore Your Hair And Your Self Confidence!

Premature hair loss is embarrassing and can affect a person’s self-confidence to a great extent. Though genetics play a large role in premature balding, harsh chemicals, pollution, stress and bad nutrition, can all lead to hair loss among men and women as early as in their 20’s and 30’s. Some individuals who take heavy medication can also suffer from balding. If you are among any of the above sufferers, don’t worry! For every problem, there are solutions...

Scalp Micro Pigmentation is an advanced, cosmetic hair replacement technique. It involves highly trained professionals and top end technology that work together to create pigmentation on the scalp to appear like hair. Some refer to scalp micro-pigmentation as hair tattooing but SMP is much more than that! Here is a list of hair issues that Scalp Micro Pigmentation at Layers Skin Clinic can help you with: Male Pattern Baldness: A common hair loss problem that shows around the crown of the head and the temples in men.

Women Hair Loss: Overall head hair loss which occurs mostly at the crown or the hairline. Supporting Hair Transplants: Some individuals mix the two techniques of hair transplants and Scalp Micro Pigmentation for a more authentic look.

Covering Up Past Bad Hair Treatment: Patchiness caused by prior hair treatments can be rectified with SMP

Thinning Areas Of Hair: Men and women suffer from hair thinning all over the head. SMP can cover the bare scalp to make it look like a thick root growth.

Covering Up Scars: Marks and scarring caused by hair treatment, accidents or even birthmarks show easily when the hair is thinning. SMP can cover these up with ink making it look like hair.

Alopecia: This is an autoimmune condition that causes the body to attack its own hair follicles. SMP can help to cover up the affected parts.

The Scalp Micro Pigmentation Process After your initial consultation with us, the Scalp Micro Pigmentation process begins with our experts identifying an ink colour that’s a little darker than your normal hair colour. This ink is then skillfully injected into the bald area in a way that gives it a shadow-like effect of a short crop of hair.

The Results Are Very Believable!
You can opt to thicken a particular area, create a fresh layer that covers the entire affected area or create shapes such as a flattering widow’s peak or designer side-locks. Scalp Micro Pigmentation is equally effective for men and women. Why SMP is the best hair treatment for women Most women begin losing hair from the base while still retaining long locks. Scalp Micro Pigmentation works wonders in covering up these sparse spots to make it look like thick hair growth right from the roots.

SMP can lead to the appearance of a healthy, natural full head of hair for women with hair thinning issues.

Excellent results!

As opposed to other hair replacement techniques SMP is the most popular due to its easy maintenance, real appearance and lack of side effects. It only takes a few sittings to gain your hair and self confidence back… Scalp Micro Pigmentation has immediate and permanent results. Walk into Layers for a Scalp Micro Pigmentation consultation with our trained doctors and walk out with your self worth restored!

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Best Scalp Micro Pigmentation For permanent hair restoration for both men and women, undertaken at Layers Skin Clinic, Kukatpally, Himayatnagar, Hyderabad by expert dermatologists.

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