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Hair fall—causes and treatment options

Millions of people across the world feel upset over hair loss, as luscious tresses make a person look beautiful and charming.

It is very normal for a healthy person to lose a few strands of hair every day. An average person loses anywhere between 10 to 20 hair strands a day. Usually each hair strand has a life of 2-5 years after which it automatically falls off. But if there is excessive loss of fully grown as well as new hair, then it is a serious problem.

You need to address this issue if you are losing more than 100 strands of hair each day, or there are visible bald patches and thinning, or you are losing new hair that is coming up. There maybe many causes for hair loss such as allergies, medications, nutrition imbalance, and genetic conditions.

There are several different types of hair loss such as:

Pattern baldness: This is the most common type of hair loss and is caused due to genetic or hereditary factors.

Scarring alopecia: This is caused due to the inflammation of the scalp. This inflammation can be caused due to diseases or skin conditions.

Traction alopecia: This is caused when hair is pulled back or braided tightly there is immense stress on the follicles and results in hair loss.

There are different methods to treat different types of hair fall such as topical ointments, and different types of medications such as homemade remedies, ayurvedic, homeopathy, allopathic, naturopathy as well as products from the market.

However, these treatments can only curb hair loss in the early stages. Genetic conditions cannot be completely resolved with this treatment.

Hair transplantation is a surgical process that makes the scalp look fuller. In this process, tiny plugs of skin containing hair, usually from the back or side of the scalp are implanted into the hairless sections. The extent of baldness will decide how many sittings are necessary.

Scalp reduction is a process where the area of the bald skin is decreased on the head. With time the skin on the head becomes stretchable and flexible enough so that small sections of this skin can be removed surgically. After the hairless portion of scalp is removed the space is closed with hair. This procedure takes time to show results. Scalp reduction method is usually used in combination with hair transplantation to ensure natural looking hair.

At Layers Clinics, our professionals will identify the cause for your hair loss and help you get the best possible treatment to curb it. We aim to make your luscious locks your pride and joy!

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